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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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There was once an old man who had saved all the money he earned. He had been working very hard during the last 30 years. He wanted to save as much money as he could, sohe became very stingy even to himself. He ate very plain food, he had stopped cutting his hair, and he did not buy any toiletries to take care of himself so he became very grubby. When people askedhim why he had turned that way, he told them: I have been saving all my money for my last years in this world, so When I retire I plan to go to live my last years in a small town by the sea to enjoynature peacefully.
But his family never liked him, he had been very mean to all his brothers and sisters, he never married so he did not have any children, he said he did not want anybody to take hismoney so it would be better to live alone.
All his life he had been very careful with his money, he did not trust anybody, even he did not trust the banks so he had decided to hide his money underhis bed but nobody knew that.
People always told him: why don’t you enjoy your money? Why don’t you travel or share time with friends and family?
He always said I don’t have money to travel; I needto save money for my old age that is what I have been doing during all these years.
One night the old man went to bed, he got asleep, then he started to dream about his last years and the place wherehe would go, as he had been doing during the last 30 years; but the next morning he did not wake up, he had died. When his brothers and sisters went to his house to take him to the cemetery theyfound all the money that he had been saving during all his life and they got rich. They were sad but very happy because their stingy brother had saved money for them.

Hola Sandri, lo que está en azules pasado perfecto progresivo y lo que está en rojo es pasado perfecto simple. Después hablamos de la traducción, espero que no sea tan corto pero es que eso de inventar no es tan fácil...bye...