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Colegio Luigi Pirandello


Oliver Twist

To: Alexander Torres

By: Karen Arrieta



The real world of Oliver Twist.

Theobjetive of this essay is to show some features of the world of Oliver Twist with the situation in Colombia, as Dickens makes a strong critique of society and childabuse.
In Colombia the number of children and young people under 18 who work in difficult conditions is important. According to statistics, 1'663 .900 ofchildren and young people between 12 and 17 work, Additionally, there are an estimated 784 000 children between 6 and 11 years. Therefore, we can say that at least 2'447.900 children between 9 and 17 work in our country.
As we see in Oliver Twist which is offered as an apprentice to do any work.
Another important point to mentionthe book on the orphanage, like Oliver in Colombia are 845,410 orphaned children in situations of which suffer from hunger and disease, This phenomenon is common inpoor regions of the country, where from a young age are forced to work in the field. in the cities we see this phenomenon reflected in poverty and at semaphore,where they spend long hours collecting money not only for them, too greedy people who feed the work of this innocent child.
Oliver found as Fagin and his gang ofcriminals, Colombian children meet drugs, theft and weapons.
Now, children are introduced to the crime at a young age, for example, are hired to murder because thelaw does not act against them.

In conclusion, the world of Oliver Twist is not far from reality, the opposite is the reflection of the society in which we live.
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