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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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November 14 2011, Mexico City
Department Travel Mexico

First Document of Analysis for Development

Concept Definition:

Travel Publimetro is the first Mexican travel search engine. It is a platform that finds your flights, hotel and promotions, gives you the best comparison of the best agencies and travel companies, so the users just chooses and buy with a click.

The main idea itthat in one page the traveler can compare, choose and buy the best option for his travel.

Search, compare and buy in one site

The platforms search the travel, the user just select.

Compare market, select and buy you travel in one page

The user will search with us when he sees that we can look in all portals.

Product Definition

How it works?
1) The user gets into
2) The user can choose his necessity of flights, cruisers, hotels, promotions, etc.
3) The platform makes a search regarding the user needs,
4) It sorts by the cheapest price
5) The user also can sort in hotels by name, category, stars
6) In Flight can sot by price, w/ scales, departure etc.

Concept Definition

Our benefits.
It’s thefirst travel search engine in México. We add al the Online Agencies and International and national airlines, we give the option to compare all the travel agencies and airlines everything in one site, instead of looking in different sites

The way of travel at México is:

| Companies | Travelers Statistics 2010 |
Flight | Local AirlinesWeb agenciesInternational airlinesBig agencies | At 2010we had 38,051,520 tourist flying at Mexico, that 24,582,179 where national passengers with National destinies and 9,233,000 Mexicans get flight out of Mexico. |
Hotel | Hotel ChainsWeb agencies | 57,780,705 tourist take a room in México, 45,274,079 were Mexicans |
Buses | Buses National chains | 18,169,852 buses had been moved in a year |
Cruisers | Web agenciesCruisers chains | 6,662,604tourist use cruisers in Mexico |
Promotions | Medium agenciesWeb agenciesLocal Airlines | VTP (travel all pay) its one of the promotions more looked at Mexico at Google they look 217,000 times. |
High ways | IAVESCTHighways Companies | 237,343,923 cars moved at high ways at the last year, had been search 594,000 times IAVE (a prepay card for highways) and draw your road or SCT (Secretary ofHighways) 1,620,000 per year |

For travel, we have 2 types of targets.

a) The airlines and agencies that want to offered they travel promotions.
b) The user that are looking for those opportunities
* Young people
* Families
* Companies that are going to send some one of their office.

Consumer reference

For Mexican formal employees varies according to length ofservice: a minimum of six days per year, plus two days for each of the first four years of service, and two days for each subsequent five-year period of service. In addition, there are seven compulsory national holidays (and an additional day every six years). The kids and all the scholar employees take two weeks holiday at Christmas, two weeks at Easter and six weeks from the beginning of July. That iswhy the statistics just change a little bit at December and June.

Breakdown of outbound trips by air from Mexico 2008 - 2009 (%)

The days that all the Mexican has their weekend and 1 or 2 days more are the public holidays, and they take those days as vacations.
The public holidays, 2011-2012:
1 January* (New Year)
5 February* (First Monday of Feb, Constitution Day)21 March* (3rd Monday of March, Anniversary of Benito Juárez)
21-24 April (Holy Week)
1 May* (Labor Day)
16 September* (Independence day)
20 November* (3rd Monday of November, Revolution Day)
25 December* (Christmas).
2012: 1 January* New Year)
5 February* (First Monday of February, Constitution Day)
21 March*
(3rd Monday of March, Anniversary of Benito Juárez)
5-6 April...
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