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Executive Summary

General Information Members of the society, which will be called INVESTMENTS KOI are:

• Jose Mauricio Roque Venegas

The company is dedicated to the sale, distribution and marketing of all kinds of shoes, in the specific case of this investment project focused strictly on brand shoes Vibram Five Fingers (VFF), the current sale,distribution and marketing, take place throughout the national territory of Honduras, focused mainly in the cities of San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba and the Bay Islands in the short term and level of Central America (CA) (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) in the medium term, to be our biggest strength to be exclusive representatives of VFF.

Market Opportunity

Atpresent there is no company in the Central American region or our country to provide a shoe so unique and such a wide range of patterns and colors and the peculiarity of its design and technology associated with the physical welfare of the people.

The great opportunity in the market as a company, we will be the exclusive representative for marketing VFF as the only official distributors in ourcountry and the Region of CA, which have more than 10 companies associated directly into the shoe business with a strong presence in almost all
of Honduras, and 100% presence in the cities we want to attack targets, and around 25 companies associated indirectly in the shoe business, because we know that investing in this business will be a total success in our country as one market and no doubt inthe CA region

The target market consists primarily of companies selling footwear and department stores.

Market Entry Strategy

• Investment in advertising to publicize the product, to arouse customer interest.

• Customer prospecting and closing business.

• Product quality, innovation and technology itself.

• strategic point of distribution and sales targets in cities.

CompetitiveAdvantage of Product or Service

The competitive advantage is based on the following aspects:

• The company will start its sales from a captive market with companies related to the sector of footwear and department stores.

• We will keep our customers and the general public, the VFF news on our website.

• Fast delivery and competitive prices.

• Our marketing techniques are based on a viralmarketing focused exclusively on technology platforms like the Internet and print media.

People within the company

Sellers (10): will be responsible for customer visits, product display and perform the work of selling and closing the same in different cities. Dealer (4): is responsible for delivering orders and perform janitorial functions. Governing Body (4): This body is responsible for managingfinancial and human resources of the company, which will consist of the following:

1. General Manager
2. Sales Manager
3. Finance Manag

In total there will be (18) people who were part of the company.


Business Justification

The purpose of the company is the distribution, sale and marketing of footwear initially VFF Honduras and medium term the entire CA region,offering a quality product and innovative. With this we aim to be a pioneer in a shoe as unique and top quality.

Profile of Operators

Jose Venegas Mauricio Roque, BA in Industrial Management and Business graduate of the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) with an MBA in Finance, with more than 5 years of experience in managing public and private projects, resource management, personnel anddistribution and sale of industrial safety equipment, as well as extensive administrative and financial tasks.

Business Location

Option # 1, location Morazan Plaza Shopping Center, Boulevard Morazán, 50 m2.

Option # 2, location Lomas Boulevard Mall, Boulevard Morazán, 100 m2, includes monitoring, power plant, a common air shower room, ample parking, excellent location.

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