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In my opinion tv has revolutionized all the world and it is the most popular means of communication. Fristly it gives information and education for example some channels like discovery or animalplanet. Secondly you can stay at home entertainment yourself. Besides, it provides instant images of what is happening at the moment. On the other hand, tv has to many junk programas and some of them areaggressive or violent. In addition to much watching can harm your sight and also it can affect childrens mind For instance children don’t play outside and lose imagination. In conclusion tv is a goodtool but it needs to be control
In my opinion, the cellphone has revolutionized all the world. It is very popular as a medium of communication. Firstly, with it you can talk with all the world. Forexample, when you are in china, you can speak or send messages to Uruguay. Secondly in 2011 you can get one cellphone with all the tools. For example, camera, mp3 audio, etc. Thirdly you can obtain onecellphone very easily because toda y it has a low price. On the other hand sometimes the cellphones can tirn of in that case, you should always recharge the battery. In conclusion, thecellphone isvery good for communication and also accessible. Today almost every one has one and it contributes to good communication.
I think the computer is very popular as a medium of communication,entertainment, work and today almost every one has one. Firstly with this gadget you can talk with people all over the world. For example in messenger you can speak, see and write to your friends from all theworld. His communication is very fast and cheap. Secondly you can find information surfing the net. Thirdly you can entertain yourself with games. These games can be easy or difficult. On the other handthe computer is time consuming because when you are at it, the time flies. When you speak with other people on internet, you can be deceived because people can lie. The privacy is limited because...
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