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Victoria Beckham: 
The Victoria Line
by Hamish Bowles | photographed by Craig McDean

As she presides over a growing fashion empire and a brood of four, Victoria Beckham opens up to Hamish Bowlesabout finding her life's passion and having—and juggling—it all.
Have you ever been in a crèche before?” asks Victoria Beckham playfully as she welcomes me to her London studio the week beforeChristmas. “We get a lot done in our meetings,” she adds, “so it’s good to have a baby around so we can have some fun.”
She is perching her daughter, five-month-old Harper Seven Beckham, on one hip, buttruth to tell there isn’t much of a perch; Victoria retrieved her finely honed form after the birth of her fourth child (Harper joins her whimsically named brothers, Brooklyn Joseph, thirteen; RomeoJames, nine; and Cruz David, seven) via a strenuous workout regimen with the fitness guru Tracy Anderson, to whom Gwyneth Paltrow introduced her. “I worked out a lot,” says Victoria. “I ran a lot. I didit six days a week. I become quite obsessive when I get into something,” she adds—a pronouncement that I will come to see over the next few weeks, during a giddy foray into Beckham World as we hangout in London, Los Angeles, and New York, is a masterpiece of understatement.
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Victoria’s svelte form is further cinched by her own design, a signaturepencil-skirted sheath that she dubbed “the sucky-sucky dress” on account of its figure-hugging elasticity—the same silhouette that Victoria debuted in her signature fashion line eight seasons ago in aseries of intimate presentations at the Waldorf-Astoria, with three models and a lavish floral arrangement that she had selected from the hotel florist at one o’clock that morning. (“I rememberthinking how expensive the flowers were,” she says. “I’ve always treated my brand like anyone would treat a young, new brand; I’m very aware of budgets.”) Sitting on a dainty Louis sofa for that...
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