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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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My mission in life
I believe my mission in life is to promote respect for life. Many people in life are tied hands at the time resolve any situation that presents itself andunfortunately resort to violence to such a degree that sometimes they can take lives. To me it's curable.
I understand that all humans have the ability to solve everything.Fortunately, our Lord Jesus Christ gave us this virtue. As human beings we must create a life philosophy, a philosophy that is characteristic of each individual. There are many factors thatfollowing this (violence) bring repercussions.
First I must point out that today families live far apart. Many people attribute this situation to the excessive development ofinfrastructure. Other masses is attributed to the strong growth of technology. The truth is that what the experts discuss and argue their lengthy discussions, these issues arecertainly of great interest to society in general, time continues and does not stop bringing negative effects are devastating personally believe our society.
In the last decade thispattern of disintegration and family crisis has been increasing substantially. Values are lost, the family trust and as a result of all this, respect for life. This to me isunacceptable and is therefore my great interest in family unity. The family is everything, is the foundation of our lives. It is our school for excellence. It is the family who leads usinto the future of our lives.
There are many opinions and very few solutions. That is why I must express my outrage by all the negative events and my family support as the onlysolution to these problems. The family has the responsibility to inculcate values by any means.

Stop the violence! Love your neighbor as yourself!

José A. Román Crespo
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