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Mackinoon, C. (1989). Toward a Feminist Theory of the State. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
Sexuality is primarilyculturally and not biologically determined. Mackinnon sees sexuality not as an inherent force, feeling, or behaviour, but as a cultural construct determined by thesocial relations of power in the world. (p.205)
Theory of the State
We live in a social hierarchy based on male power so pervasive that men have not onlyconstructed what sexuality as such means, but have also institucionalized that distribution of power through the state and its laws. (p.205)
“The law sees and treatswomen the way men see and treat women. The liberal state coercively and authoritatively constitutes the social order in the interest of men as a gender-through itslegitimating norms, forms, relation to society, and substantive policies.” (p.206)
Privacy law assumes that women are equal to men. (p.207)
The law protectsmale interests. (p.207)
The problem is that the law “presumes the validity of the distinction between public and private”, thus ignoring the reality that theprivate is a “sphere of social power” in which women are powerless. (p.208)
Recognition of the pervasiveness of sexual politics is the necessary first step ina transformation of power (of gender). (p.208)
Kaufman, M. (2001). “Building a movement of men working to end violence against women”.
Development; 44, (3), 9-14. 
Causes of men’s violence: 1) Men’s social power and privileges in male-dominated societies and the social permission of violence against women; (p.10)