Vietnam wars

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The Vietnam War and Vietnam Memorial Wall

❖ Who started the war?

Whose origin was the determination of the communist guerrillas of Vietnam of the South, supported by North Vietnam, tooverthrow the Survietnamita government.

❖ Who won the war?

It completed the total victory of the FNL and the definitive failure of the United States.

❖ What year did it start?

At the warstart is 1958.

❖ What year did it finish?

At the war finish is 1975.

❖ How long did it last?

The long of the last the war is 17.

❖ What countries participate in the war?

Thecountry is Chain, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Soviet, Union, North Korea, Canada and other countries.

❖ What president was in change at the beginning and the end ofthe war for the U.S.?

The president at the beginning is Dwight David Eisenhower and the president at the end is Gerald Rudolph Ford.

What Is The
Vietnam Memorial Wall
About ?

❖ Aroundhow many soldiers lost theirs live’s during the war?


|South Vietnam ||
|230.000 |300.000 |
|U.S.| |
|58.209 |153.303|
|South korea | |
|5.000|11.000 |
|New Zealand |...