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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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The information systems are the vertebral part for the development of the operation of a company, the certified companies must have a platform where the processes of the company are documented and that these are within reach of the civil servants, of course, that as all information system this must fulfillfour activities that are: the entrance of the information, the storage, processing and exit of information. Colpatria constructor decided to implement the SharePoint program like support in the management of quality of the processes, and fulfills the characteristic to have documented all the process of the constructor. Example: this program the rooms of sales of house projects will be able toenter and to unload the planes of the apartments or the vice-president of the constructor will be able to enter the archives of weekly, monthly sales and the quarterly behavior. But to be able to accede to the information, this it must enter the person owner of the process and to raise it the system so that the rest of can analyze it to civil servants.

Objetives General

To define theSharePoint program and the uses

To analyze the program and to see the efficiency of the same, compared with the development of the company.

To examine the utility of the same, according to the needs of the managements

Specific objectives

To determine the specific steps of the entrance of the information

To raise the times of update of the information

To determine the level of knowledgeof the civil servants

To generate action plans to diminish the problematic one presented/displayed.

To verify the level of acceptance of the information and the execution of the process.

To raise proposal to improve the use of the tool and to concientizar to the personnel so that this updating data in the platform


it is a tool administrator of knowledge, orientedtowards the documentation, by means of called folders files. This program becomes to load documents directly in the vestibule and to add additional data to each document like the area to which the user who loads a document or the handling of versions in each associate document belongs that allows us to make external searches within the content of the vestibule, contents, file servers and any otherinformation of the company including with other programs of the organization. (To see picture 3 - 4)


In Colpatria Constructor is a fundamental tool of documentation of processes, documents, formats. In the SharePoint program we found documents pillars of the company, which do not undergo any type of modifications, and they are updated since it depends directly on the quality departmentand are part of specific processes and always are focused in the general missions of the company.

Mission Vision Policy of Quality Objectives of the Quality General procedures Procedures of Management of Quality The processes are divided according to the strategic units of business, and each unit is owner of its process, that has support of the support processes as it is in graph 2.

Eachstrategic unit of business has links direct to enter the processes of this same unit, in these links besides processes that are the procedures of execution of tasks, also are the record formats, information and documents of support. By the characteristics of organization of the program each unit of business must update the pertinent information to its activity and this action is watched over thedepartment of quality management.

The department of Management of Quality, leads the maintenance of the information of the vestibule and must watch that all the documents of each of the business units are updated in information and effective formats.

This way, all the units of business can be informed into changes in the procedures, in the formats, registries and analyze the information....
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