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  • Publicado : 22 de septiembre de 2010
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What is a wine?
Wine is a liquor or alcoholic drink made from fermented grape, that is usually drunk with the meals.
In the market are plenty of them from around the world, and their namesdepending on the strain and appellation of origin, and it has many characteristics.
Acetic wines
Describes a sour, vinegary odour referred to as volatile acidity, yoo much of wich will make the wineundrinkable.
This problem known as "sour wine" comes from a volatile acid which, although a natural component of wine, reveals, when found in excessive quantity, a winemaking probably inadequate andunsanitary.
Modern technology is dramatically reducing this problem, but we must know that the acetic acid, which is how it is called, smells and tastes like vinegar. Some wines have a touch aceticpositive feature, but more and unacceptable. A sour wine, sour or diced and presented high volatile acidity, it is not advisable to drink it and it is recommended to reject it.
In the case of the winehas good acidity, it may be said to be acid or green, as if it were wine grapes do not mature, but they are drinkable. In practice, the acidity, its volatile property more easily identified by smell,whereas the acidity, the wine tasting is checked and detected in the lateral sides of the tongue.

Acid wine
Acid wine is discarded as wine, or considered bad wine.
The acidity of a wine can becaused by two factors:
*Immaturity of the grapes at the time of producing the wine. This is detected by a taste of tartar. This defect can be remedied by leaving the bottle un-aged.
The acidity causedby poor winemaking can not be remedied, and detected by a taste of vinegar. Which ultimately is the use that is given to such defective wines.
An acid wine is recognized by a change in its color andbecome watery.
Rosé wines have a period in which had a bad aroma, called period of dizziness of the bottle, which disappears after a certain time that can be weeks or months.
*The last defect...
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