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Cristian Eraso
Lynn Klpatrick, PhD
English 1010-097

Three weeks ago, I was walking in Los Angeles downtown and I had a feeling that I haven't felt since I was in my hometown in Colombia, I feltinsecure. I reject that feeling for the next weekend, after one day I was in Salt Lake City downtown and someone asked me for money aggressively and I asked to myself. Is America becoming a violenceplace? Most people reject the fact that America is becoming more violence that it used to be. People walks in downtown forgetting that the country that it used to be safer, now is having more socialproblems that it used to be 5 years ago. However, according to law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation reported a decrease of 4.4 percent in the number of violent crimes, However articlessuch us “The Violence must to stop” America is becoming more dangerous and people are more afraid to go outside and spend time in the streets .But what are the main causes of this problem, according tothe article, violence must stop!, most of the reasons because of the insecurity on the streets and the violence is because of the war and the economic situation where more people are unemployment andtry to fix their economical problems by force or acting violent to the society. So, people who fight in war come to the United States and live in a peaceful atmosphere, came with many problems ofpersecution and are more likely to disturbing the peace and violence in the neighborhoods. So, what should we do if we this is not going to stop?, well, our government receive taxes from all of us thatshould be speeded more in education and also to give more employment to the people because most of the family violence are come from the bad economic situation. Also, the government should stop the warand spend more money in the country in improve the standards of living in the United States in which contains better education to the army and to the students, to make more jobs in order that people...
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