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El Salvador is a country with a lot of culture, a country with a lot of people, a lot of problems; is too bad to know that El Salvador is a country with violence. Maybe the violencecan be the biggest problem that we have, maybe not, but for the teens is one the biggest problems in our lives, we are killed by people like us teens, a cannot do anything because in El Salvador is nota lay may help us.

But the problem is the government, the problem is not the people who kill who are lightfingered, the problem began since the Salvadorian war began between 1979 y 1992.

But isnot an impossible answer for this big problem only there are difficult and not know answers that do not help to the problem. We have an answer and that answer is not in the heaven, is not in ourdreams, this answer in front of our noses.


We may dream with be a professional, we may dream with be an adult, but the violence can end with our lives the violence want; why likethat? My god, the teens don’t not know how to do. Maybe do anything? Maybe be a murderer? Or forget about it.

No man, do not do that, do not be like that, there is an answer, star with a string ofgood teens, yours children, be the best example we can, change the idea of the people around us and try to change the country for ourselves, if anyone do it there is not hope.

Argument 1: We reallylive with violence or is only a nightmares? According with is not a simple nightmare is a really big problem because there are: 4,395 reported thefts per year. 10,000 homicides per year.50 assaults per month. It really does not sound like funny data. But the real life in El Salvador does not care about sources, about data; the teens only need know that they are going to livetomorrow. So if the people only need to know that means that the situation is a dangerous situation, is an alarming situation. Argument 2: Have we a solution? The people are really afraid; the teens do not...
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