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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2012
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There are many forms of physical, psychological, verbal, and all hurts in one way or another who are the aggressors are the most latimer why the eagerness to abuse with violence, most of the case,that has a disease that not allow them to move forward now that if we go to the issue of drug traffickers and how to kill people without reason, without import them if there are innocent because theanswer is that in them is no longer blame rests if they are good or bad for you guilty or not killed. They prefer to get rich until the last consequences know no other smart way to earn money, notdamaging to people and seek maenas which is unfortunately easier to others.
Interview with a young man named Ivan who was drug-related

How did you get involved in the drug world?

A: - For the kidsgave me, I was told that everything was alright and I liked it and kept trying.

Q: - What did you do to get it?

A: - To stick or pelleting paper (assemble joints) were going to rescue bikes(stealing bicycles) Santore (Sao Tome), we were re crazy wave (under the influence of drugs).

Q: - What sensations experienced?

A: - You know that these re crazy, you feel that good polenta Flyingbecause nobody can bolacear, wave you do not see anything.

Q: - At that time, what was your relationship with your family?

A: - with my parents was so good.

Q: - Were you aware of what happenedto you?

A: - No, not there, once you try and walk you want to go crazy on you and not give the ball to gilada.

Q: - When did you decide to change your life?

A: - when I hold a button(police) and my dad told me he was all wrong so I had to be hospitalized.

Q: - Did anyone who worked on this?

A: - Yes, my family

Q: - Do you feel that you are totally recovered?

A: - No, but Ido not beat me pelleting more papers or more, but there are kids that were with me and now they are worse, do whatever to get hit.

Q: - What advice would you give to kids who are being destroyed?...
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