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Main Idea: To write this history, Ben Sherwood needed time just to focus in the history, so he quithis job, and search for a specific place where the history take place and make it as realistic as he could. So even though the history counts with “ghost” it’s arealistic history. |
Reference (APA style):
Bickerstaff, R. (2010). Book vs. movie: Charlie st. cloud. Retrieved from |
In –text citation: (Bickerstaff, 2010) |
Information / Content (Copy and paste the information you think might be helpful.)“A fewmonths after September 11, 2001, NBC news producer Ben Sherwood quit his job to write a book. It was a wistful little tale of the love, loss, hope and the greatbeyond set in a small town on the East Coast. He even went to a small town on the East Coast to find a realistic setting for the book. The Death And Life Of CharlieSt. Cloud met with a certain amount of acclaim and promptly became a bestseller. A breezy read at less than 300 pages, the novel has a sweet simplicity to itthat would naturally lend itself to the screen. Get the right people together and you just might have a decent slightly supernatural drama for late summer.
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