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Nutanix Complete Cluster
Virtualize without SAN
Why build your datacenter with a 15-year old server and storage architecture that was designed for physical machines? Google, Facebook, Amazon andMicrosoft Azure didn’t.
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Technology leaderslike these have figured out that a converged, scale-out architecture with no network storage is the best way to deliver performance and availability at scale. But your workloads are different fromGoogle’s. They’re virtual machines. So you should keep buying servers and big, expensive, hard-to-maintain SANs, right? Wrong! This is where Nutanix comes in.

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Cheaper,Faster, Better

The Nutanix Approach
Nutanix makes virtualization radically simpler by eliminating the need for network storage, while still providing you with enterprise-class capabilities, so youcan focus on your business applications instead of your virtualized infrastructure.

Radical Simplicity
Nutanix Complete Cluster is a converged, scale-out compute and storage system that ispurpose-built to deliver a complete virtualized datacenter. Nutanix Complete Block is the building block for the system, and ships as a rackable 2U unit containing four high-performance server nodes, eachrunning a standard hypervisor and complete with processors, memory and local storage (SSDs and hard disks). Designed for virtualization, the system both runs and stores VMs in a radically simpler buildingblock that eliminates the need for a costly SAN.

Revolutionary Storage
Scale-Out Converged Storage (SOCS) delivers a unified pool of storage from all nodes across the cluster and presentsshared-storage resources to VMs for seamless support of features like vMotion, HA and DRS, along with industry-leading data management features. Additional nodes can be added in a plug and-play manner in...
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