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Chapter 3. Modifying the Layout

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Chapter 3. Modifying the Layout

Table of Contents
3.1. Themes and Templates
3.2. Finding the right File
3.3. Modifying Templates
The mostimportant part of the Layout of your Shop is the Joomla template ( is a good start)!

3.1. Themes and Templates

3.1.1. Themes
3.1.2. Templates
Starting with version 1.1, VirtueMartoffers to style the shop using themes and templates.

3.1.1. Themes Introduction

A theme is what defines certain parts of the look and feel of your shop. All installations of VirtueMartshould start out with the default theme. You can change the Theme in the "Site" section of the configuration form. Usually there's only one theme available, so you can't switch. A good way to thinkof themes is as "plugins", which contain a collection of page templates, images, stylesheets, javascript and other files. While editing these files can be a bit technical, the layout is separated fromthe content allowing you to make and distribute your own themes. Theme Configuration

Themes can be configured for better usability. Configuration parameters can be used to turn on andoff certain parts in templates. The configuration parameters are defined in the file /components/com_virtuemart/themes/THEMENAME/theme.xml and follow the common parameter syntax for components, modulesand mambots as used in Mambo >= 4.5.1 and Joomla! (Read more about the mosinstall parameter XML syntax). When a user chooses to configure a theme (Shop Configuration ⇒ Tab "Site ⇒ "Layout", theseparameters are parsed and displayed in a nice form. Now the user can make changes to the configuration. The current configuration values are stored in the file/components/com_virtuemart/themes/THEMENAME/theme.config.php. This file is renewed with the new configuration values each time a user saves the theme configuration.

How to use configuration values in templates

It's easy to get or set...
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