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Virus are tinny organisms Nowadays most scientist can’t say if they are living or nonliving beings But they are not the smallest organisms

What viruses can't do: (1) They can'treproduce on their own. They need to infect or invade a host cell. That host cell will do all the work to duplicate the virus. (2) They don't respond to anything. You can poke them or set up barriers, itdoesn't matter. They either function or they are destroyed. (3) They don't really have any working parts. They have no nuclei, mitochondria, or ribosomes. Some viruses do not even have cytoplasm. Every virus has a few basic parts.

TYPES OF VIRUSES There are three basic shapes.

QUESTION 1: Viruses can have either DNA or RNA for their nucleic acids.
Viruses can have either DNA or RNA fortheir nucleic acids. The nucleic acids are injected into the organism's cells and replicated.

QUESTION 2: All scientists consider viruses to be alive. Most scientists do not consider viruses to beliving organisms. They exhibit few traits or living organisms. They even need other cells to help them replicate.

QUESTION 3: Viruses are dangerous because they reproduce on their own and infectpeople.

Viruses are very dangerous to people but they do not replicate on their own. They need to infect a host cell that then reproduces the virus.

QUESTION 4: Most viruses infect and givediseases to only one type of organism. Viruses are very specific in which organisms they can infect. Not all infections lead to disease, but there are certain proteins on cell membranes that viruses requireto be successful. QUESTION 5: Viruses can attach to a cell and inject their nucleic acids into the cell for replication. Injection of nucleic acids is one of the several ways that viruses canreplicate. Scientists study viruses that infect bacteria using this method.

QUESTION 6: Some viral infections can occur in organisms and never cause any disease Sometimes a virus can enter an organism,...
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