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Visit Scotland

1. Situation Analysis

First of all, we will analyze Scotland’s touristic resources, in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. VisitScotland, as Scotland’sNational Tourism Organization, have been grouped together in what is called Scotland’s Product Portfolio:
* Active (golf, hill/long walks, climbing, cycling, water sports, etc)
*Freedom/Touring (touring, gardens, island hopping, wildlife, etc)
* Culture and heritage (history, traditional culture, performing arts, visual arts, literary, music, films, museums)
* Cities (shopping, nightlife, food and drink, etc)
* Business tourism (conferences, meetings and incentive travel, etc)

2. Competitor Analysis

This step lend us to know who and how work ourcompetitors; what is happening in the marketplace, consumer trends and how to use this intelligence could be used to deliver improved products and services.

3. Target segments

There are threemain targets segments; we are going to explain in brief their needs:

* UK Leisure: this category generates around 50% of total tourism revenues.
* Overseas leisure: This generatesaround 25% of total tourism revenues.
* UK and overseas business: which generates 25% of total tourism revenues.
“Might be”, all three kinds of targets segments expect a same level of sustainabletourism. Taking care of the environment and also the local culture, focus on rural tourism, sports, etc.

4. Recommendations and suggestions
We have different suggestions for the differenttarget segments:
* UK Leisure: We aim to show how reducing car use in environmentally sensitive areas can widen travel choice, benefit local communities and their economies and improvevisitor satisfaction. Together we aim to create a momentum to bring real change in the way people travel in and use the countryside for leisure.
* Overseas leisure
* UK and overseas business:
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