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Department of special education

Chair of the Department: Dr. Lluvia Valdez
Dr. Martha Sanchez
Dr. Ricardo Martinez
Dr. Adrian Saenz

Education Building, Room 617
Phone Number +34 91 757 5553The Candy land University Department of Special Education is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing personnel preparation programs for individuals who will be prepared to provide forthe educational needs of individuals, birth through adulthood, with exceptionalities and their families. Excellence in teaching is delivered by a faculty dedicated to scholarship and service.
Ourprograms prepare fully qualified individuals to function in a variety of professional roles. Our programs provide a dynamic core of information. Individuals completing Candy land special educationprogram provide professional expertise and leadership in the development and implementation of educational programs .

Candy land University’s Core Curriculum

1. College foundation (31-43 credits)A. English (3-8 credits) - Refer to the English section of the Core Curriculum
B. Study and Technology Skills (0-2 credits) - Refer to the Study & Technology Skills section of theCore Curriculum
C. Mathematics (3-5 credits) - Refer to the Mathematics section of the Core Curriculum
D. Natural Sciences (7 credits)
1. Any Biology Course with a lab(4 credits)
2. AST 103-Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System (3 credits)
E. Social Sciences (3 credits)
1. PSY 101-General Psychology
F. Fine Arts (3credits) - Refer to the Fine Arts section of the Core Curriculum
G. Humanities (6 credits)
1. COM 101-Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3 credits)
2. Referto the Humanities section of the Core Curriculum
H. Constitution (3-6 credits) - Refer to the Constitution section of the Core Curriculum
I. Cultural Diversity (3 credits) - Refer...
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