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Unit 9 Truth and Lies | |
|Actually|Actually, I disagree |Nowadays, at present |
|Anxious |She is anxious about her exams |Eager,greedy |
|Argument |I had an argument with my parents |Plot, topic |
|Assist|They assisted him with his luggage |Attend |
|Attend |He attended a conference|Pay attention, take care of |
|Career |She has got a great career prospects within this |Race, university studies |
||company | |
|Carpet |I need to vacuum the carpet|Folder, file |
|Casual |He wears casual clothes |Accidental ||Conductor |The conductor came round to collect fares |Driver |
|Curse |They say the Egyptian mummyhas a curse |Course |
|Discussion |They are having a discussion about art |Argument|
|Disgust |She let the room in disgust |Annoyance, sorrow |
|Divert |Traffic was being...
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