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Lifeboat:a small craft aboard a ship to allow for emergency escape.

Crew:A crew is made up of a group of people working in a common task, usually in a hierarchical structure. Specially designated personnel conduct and services of a ship or aircraft. Under the influence of English crew applies to certain activities related to urban subcultures.

Passengers:The passenger is everyhuman being is male, female, boy or girl is also considered a passenger to the animals, but they are transported in bags specially designed for mobility, in both cases a fee is paid in money for transportation.

Ship:A ship or boat is any concave and spindle construction, wood, metal or fiberglass or other material whose form is capable of floating in the water and used as a means of transport.Truck drivers:Drivers of heavy trucks and drive motorized vehicles operated power and larger volume for transport to short or long-distance goods, fuels, liquids and heavy materials.

Lifejacket:The life jacket is a special type of vest used as a safety in maritime navigation that is used as more dressy clothing. The vest helps the wearer to float in the water in case of shipwreck. They are ofvarious kinds, which may include the foam, which contains a kind of foam-filled bags that are those that provide the ability to float.

Contract:A contract is an agreement of wills, verbal or written, expressed in common between two or more persons capable of (parts of the contract), to undertake thereunder, regulating their relations for a particular purpose or anything, and whose compliancecan be compelling it on a reciprocal basis, if the contract is bilateral, or compel one party to another, if the contract is unilateral.

Workers:A worker is a person with sufficient legal age and voluntarily provides his services for remuneration. When old enough, it is considered child labor. If not perform the services on a voluntary basis, it is considered slavery or servitude.

Buoy:A buoyis a floating buoy offshore and usually anchored to the bottom, which can have various purposes, mainly for the guidance of ships.

Customer:is a client who agreed to a product or service through a financial transaction (money) or other means of payment. Whoever buys it is the purchaser, and who consumes the consumer. Normally, customer, purchaser and consumer are the same person.

Fireextinguisher:A fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher or fire extinguisher is a device used to extinguish fires. It consists of a metal container (steel cylinder or cylinder) containing a fire extinguishing agent under pressure, so that by opening a valve the agent goes through a hose to be directed to the base of the fire.

Fire hose:A fire hose is a high-pressure hose used to carry water or otherfire retardant (such as foam) to a fire to extinguish it. Outdoors, it is attached either to a fire engine or a fire hydrant. Indoors, it can be permanently attached to a building's standpipe or plumbing system. It was invented by Hero of Alexandria in the basis of Ctesibius' double action piston pump.

Fire alarm:A fire alarm is a fire protection that is activated when it detects an event, be itsmoke or a sudden change in temperature.This device can be electromechanical, electronic, bell, horn.

Life buoy:A lifeboat is a rigid or inflatable boat designed to save the lives of people in case of problems at sea. The term applies to boats that remain in port or close to it, used to assist a ship that has problems and the boats carried by larger vessels, allowing the passengers and crew toescape in an emergency.

Life raft:An inflatable craft into which the crew of a yacht transfers if the yacht intends to sink.

Hearing protection must be worn:Ear protectors are generally any personal protective equipment that covers at least the opening of the ear canal such that damaging sounds cannot cause deafness. Alternatively, they could be equipment that prevents other damage from...
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