Use of will Future
• a spontaneous decision
example: Wait, I will help you.

• an opinion, hope, uncertainty or assumption regarding the future
example: He will probably come back tomorrow.

• a promiseexample: I will not watch TV tonight.

• an action in the future that cannot be influenced
example: It will rain tomorrow.

• conditional clauses type I
example: If I arrive late, I will call you.

Use ofgoing to Future
• an action in the near future that has already been planned or prepared
example: I am going to study harder next year.

• a conclusion regarding the immediate future
example: The sky is absolutelydark. It is going to rain.

Structure (Estructura)

|Afirmativo |Forma corta |Negativo |Forma corta|
|I will |I'll |I will not |I won't (I'll not) |
|You will|You'll |You will not |You won't (you'll not) |
|He will |He'll |Hewill not |He won't (He'll not) |
|She will |She'll |She will not |She won't(She'll not) |
|It will |It'll |It will not |It won't (It'll not) ||We will |We'll |We will not |We won't (We'll not) |
|They will [continua]

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