Vocabulario semantico colores en ingles

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Colors vocabulary:

1. Afford: to have enough money or time to be able to buy or do sth (darse el gusto).
2. To do up: to change sth that is old or damaged and replaced with sth new of the same kind (renovar).
3. Picking up: to prefer or decide sth; to choose (escoger).
4. Leaflet: a printed sheet of paper that is given free to advertise or give information about sth (flyer,brochure).
5. Achieve: to get a particular goal making an effort for a long time (alcanzar).
6. Come up with: to suggest a plan, an idea, etc. for people to think about and decide on (proponer).
7. Hint: sth that you say or do in an indirect way in order to show somebody what you are thinking (pista, clave).
8. Basty:

9. Splash out: to fall noisily onto a surface (salpicar).10. Get away with: to achieve certain purpose (salirse con la suya, conseguir).
11. Red: having the color of blood or fire (rojo).
12. Deep plum: very strong red color (rojo intenso).
13. Inviting: making you want to do, try, taste, sth (atractivo).
14. Vibrant: full of life and energy (vigoroso, vibrante).
15. Exciting: causing great interest or excitement (emocionante).16. Remind: sth that makes you remember sth or sb (que te recuerda).
17. Watch out: to be careful (tener cuidado, ojo).
18. Blue: having the coor of clear sky or the sea on a clear day (azul).
19. Cool: fairly cold, not hot or warm; making you feel pleasantly cool (fresco).
20. Recessive: not so dominant (recesivo).
21. Haze: foggy (nebuloso).
22. Green: having the color ofgrass (verde).
23. Soothing: To make sb who is anxious feel calmer (tranquilizante).
24. Restful: that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful (relajante).
25. Harmony: a state of peaceful existence and agreement (armonioso).
26. Glade: a small open area in a forest (claro).
27. Aquamarine: a pale greenish-blue color.
28. Wealth: the state of being rich (riqueza).
29.Yellow: having the color of butter (Amarillo).
30. Dazzling: very bright (deslumbrante).
31. Fertility: the state of being fertile (fertilidad).
32. Cheerful: giving you of feeling of happiness (alegre).
33. Welcoming: attractive and looking comfortable to be in (bienvenida).
34. White: having the color of milk (blanco).
35. Clean: not dirty (limpio).
36. Unchallenged:accepted without question (indiscutible).
37. Adaptability: the capacity of be able to change (adaptabilidad).
38. Subtle shades: do not having very obvious features of a color (sutiles matices).
39. Pale: light in color; containing a lot of white (pálido).
40. Dull: not bright or shiny (apagado).
41. Scarlet: bright red in color (escarlata).
42. Turquoise: a greenish-bluecolor (turqueza).

Colors & personalities:

1. Will-power: controlling your actions in order to achieve what you want to do (fuerza de voluntad).
2. Capable: having the ability or qualities necessary for doing sth (capaz).
3. Overcoming: to defeat obstacles (superar).
4. Burst: to break open, especially because of pressure from inside (reventar).
5. Spontaneity: thequality of being spontaneous (espontaneidad).
6. Laid-back: calm & relaxed (relajado).
7. Energetic: having or needing a lot of energy (energetico)
8. Accomplishment/to accomplish: to achieve something after a lot of work (logro).
9. Conscious: aware of sth (consiente).
10. Focused: to be concentrated in your aims (focalizado)
11. Persistent: determinate to do sth despitedifficulties(persistente)


1. Possibilities: one of the different things that you can do in a particular situation.
2. Attitudinal Framework: a determined amount of attitudes that people have


1. Strong-willed: determined to do what you want to do (decidido).
2. Undisturbed: not interrupted by anyone or anything (sin perturbaciones).
3. Easy-going: a...
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