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Unit 1
Sum The mathematical process of addition
Plus more by the addition of; increased by: ten plus two is twelve.
Add to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity,size, or importance
Evaluate to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance
Subtract to take one number or quantity from another.
Minus less by the subtraction of;decreased by: Ten minus six is four
Less to a smaller extent, amount, or degree: less exact
Difference the amount by which one quantity is greater or less than another
Multiply having or composed ofseveral plies
Product the result obtained by multiplying two or more quantities together
Times multiplied by
Divide to separate into equal parts
Quotient the result of division
Power the productobtained by multiplying a quantity by itself
Root when multiplied by itself a certain number of times, produces a given quantity
Finite having bounds or limits
Approximate having bounds or limitsRound off an act or instance of rounding off decimal or fractional figures
Operations a mathematical process
Calculate to determine or ascertain by mathematical methods
Absolute value is the onlyvalue the number has
Solve to find the answer
Bracket forms indicating that the enclosed quantity is to be treated as a unit
Grouping symbol are symbols that help us grouping numbers like thebrackets
Whole number one of the positive integers or zero
Fraction a number usually expressed in the form a/b
Improper fraction a fraction having the numerator greater than the denominator
Mixednumeral A symbol consisting of a whole number with a fraction next to it
Parentheses to indicate separate groupings of symbols
Braces something that holds parts together or in place
Significant figuresall the nonzero digits of a number and the zeros that are included between them or that are final zeros
Scientific notation method for expressing a given quantity as a number having significant...
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