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Miguel angel Gonzalez Gomez
6º B

Generous: too clever/nice/generous etc for your own good im very generous with the other persons
Relaxed: calm and not worriedyesterday i have a relaxed day
Friendly: someone who is friendly is always pleasant and helpful toward other people in the school everyone is friendly
Cooperative: cooperative people are willing to do what you ask themmy brother is cooperative when I have homework
Active: someone who is active does a lot of different activities and has a lot of energy and interests i do to much exercise, im an active person
Strong: physically powerful and healthywhen he start going to the gym he is very strong
Modest: modest person does not like to talk about themselves, their achievements, or their abilities, even if they are successful. He don’t talk about himself he is modest
Atractive: an attractive person is pleasant to look at, especiallyin a way that interests you sexually: he is very handsome,obiusly an atractive person
Loving: feeling or showing love im loving my girlfriend
Organized: plannedcarefully and involving many people im not organized with my clothes
Realistic: based on facts and situations as they really are i have a realistic vew of the life
Disciplined: well organized andfollowing rules or standards we are disciplined in the school
Warm: fairly hot in a way that is comfortable and pleasant
It was warm enough for us to sit outside.
Creative: involving a lot of imagination and new ideasthe creative use of tax and incentives to achieve economic goals
Pure: a pure substance or material has nothing mixed with it that might spoil its quality or effect pure gold
Happy: feeling pleased and satisfiedim very happy
Calm: not affected by strong emotions such as excitement, anger, shock, or fear after the accident I was calm
Serious: bad or dangerous enough to make you worried
Shy: nervous and embarrassed in the company of other people, especially people who you do not know . hewas shy
Romantic: making you have feelings of love and excitement . im a romantic boy
Conservative: not willing to accept much change, especially in the traditional values of society. Small farming communities are conservative
Liberal: accepting different opinions and ways of behaving and tending to be sympathetic to other people. The view on marriage is liberal
Quiet: making very little or...
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