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Commit: to do something wrong or illegal.

Sentences: my aunt commits crimes everyday.

Have you commited mistakes in the test?

Robbery: the crime of stealing money or goods from a bank, shop/ store, person,etc.,especially using violence or threats.

Sentences: the robbery was amazing.

There were two robberies in Talca last week.

Testify: tomake a statement that something happened or that something is true, especially as a witness in court.

Sentences: two people went to testify in the court.

I had to testify because the police blamed me.

Witness: a person who sees something and i able to describe it to other people.

Sentences: my witness was Solange.

My witness declared to in myfavour.

Marvel: a wonderful and suprising person or thing.

Sentences: Ronaldinho is a Brazilean marvel.

My children are a marvel for me.

Curly: to form or make something form into a curved shape.

Sentences: my niece have curly hair.

Have you got curly hair?

Fast: moving or able to move quickly.

Sentences: the car is very fast.I like fast food.

Extroverted: a lively and confident person who enjoys being with other people.

Sentences: my father is extroverted.

Extroverted people are so talkative.

Sharp: having a fine edge or point, especially of something that can cut or make a hole in something.

Sentences: the knife is sharp?

My teeth are sharp.Unlucky: having bad luck or happening because of bad luck; not lucky.

Sentences: I am unlucky with the boys.

Patricio was unlucky in the contest.

Dot: a small round mark, especially one that is printed.

Sentences: the dot in his notebook is big.

She has a dot in his house.

Blind: not able to see.

Sentences: my grandmother is blind.I help a blind man to croos street.

Pet: an artificial substance used to make materials for packaging food, including plastic drink bottles.

Sentences: my pet is a dog?

Have you a pet?

Quality: the standard of something when it is compared to other things like it; how good or bad something is.

Sentences: my car is high quality machine.Melozal`s wine is of great quality.

Lazy: unwilling to work or be active; doing as little as posible.

Sentences: my cousin is very lazy.

Are you lazy?

Cross: a mark ora n object formed by two lines crossing each other; the mark is often used on paper to show something.

Sentences: my mother gave me a cross for my birthday.

There is a crosson the top

Crowd : a large number of people gathered in a public place, for example in a streets or at sports game.

Sentences: there was a crowd in the stadium.

Two are enough three are a crowd.

Humble: showing you do not think that you are as important as other people.

Sentences: Abraham Linconl is a humble person.

Children are humble whenthey won`t something.

Tone: the quality of sb`s voice, especially expressing a particular emotion.

Sentences: the singer has a beautiful tone.

The tone is very low.

Feature: something important, interesting or typical of a place or thing.

Sentences: the poems have romantic features.

The dog has wild features.

Slave: a person who islegally owned by another person and forced to work for them.

Sentences: the slave is black.

In Egipt people were slave.

Avoid: to prevent something bad from happening.

Sentences: young people must avoid drugs.

In class you must avoid to talk.

Carry: to support the weight of something and take them or it from place to place; to take something...
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