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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2010
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1. Shoot: Rodar, Filmar.
A cameraman shoots films.

2. Apply for: Solicitar
Ariana applied for a job yesterday morning.

3. To turn something down: Rechazar.
I hate toturn work down, but I don’t have experience with old people.

4. Fit: Arreglar.
The glazier fits windows.

5. Courageous: Valiente
Firefighters have to be courageous because they often findthemselves in dangerous situations.

6. Confident: Seguro.
Ethan is a confident person.

7. Parachute jumping: Paracaidismo.
I’d like to parachute jumping.

8. Stamp collecting:Filatelia.
I think stamp collecting is boring.

9. Mend: Reparar algo.
My cousin is mending his old t-shirt.

10. Deadline: Límite, plazo de entrega.
I harly ever meet my deadlines.

11.Hose: Manguera.
A house is something which a firefighter uses to put out fires.

12. Tool: Herramienta.
My father has got a lot of tools.

13. Freelance: Independiente.
She is afreelance photographer.

14. To track down: Localizar
That policeman tracked down the criminals.

15. Shift: Turno.
Policemen can work night shifts.

16. Hit the street: Salió a la calle.They hit the streets.

17. Remain alert: Permanecer alerta.
That policeman remains alert all the night.

18. Kennel: Perrera.
This dog is living in an ugly kennel.

19. Sniff out:Oler.
He always sniffs out all the food that he buys.

20. Commitment: Compromiso.
My boss has a lot of commitments today morning.

21. Look forward to: Esperar con interés.
I’m lookingforward to travel abroud.

22. Look through: Leer( rápido)
Fernanda is trying to look through that book.

23. Nevertheless: Sin embargo.
She studies medicine nevertheless she’d like to studydance.

24. Swerve: Desviar.
Tatiana swerved over to the other side of the road and into the path of an oncoming bus.

25. Screeching: Chirrido.
There was a screeching noise.

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