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1. Transmitter: A piece of equipment used for sending electronic signals, especially radio or television signals. A person or thing that transmits sth from one person or thing to another.2. Receiver: the part of a telephone that you hold close to your mouth and ear. A piece of radio or television equipment that chnges broadcast signals into sound or pictures compare transmitter.
3.Message: A written or spoken piece of information, etc. that you send to sb or leave for sb when you cannot speak to them yourself.
4. Code: (often in compounds)a system of words, letters ,numbers of symbols them represent a message or record information secretly or in a shorter form: see also AREA CODE, BAR CODE, MORCE CODE, POSTCODE, ZIP CODE.
5. Channel: A band of radio waves used forbroadcasting television or radio programmes. Also channels a method or system that people use to get information, to communicate, or to send sth somewhere.
6. Writings: A group of pieces of writing,especially by a particular person or on a particular subject: words that have been written or painted on sht.
7. Paintings: A group the act or art of using to produce pictures. The act of putting paintinto the surface of objects, walls, etc.
8. Throughout:
9. Among: Used when you are dividing or choosing sth, and three or more people or thing are involved.
10. Grammar: The rules in languagefor changing the form of words and joining them into sentences. A person´s to knowledge and use of a language.
11. Develop: To think of or produce a new idea, product, etc. and make it successful. Totreat photographic film whit chemicals so that the pictures can be seen.

12. Stage: A single step or degree in a process; a particular phase, period, position, etc., in a process, development, orseries. A raised platform or floor, as for speakers, performers, etc. Theater.
13. Seemingly: in a way that appears to be true but may in fact not be; according to what you have read...
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