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Welcome to the demo of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. Double click on the COMMANDOS.EXE file to install the demo. The Demo will then install and run from your hard drive. This demo features TWO LEVELS from the finalgame. This demo will NOT run on German language systems, you will need to download the German specific version from our UK Website.

The Commandos demo needs these system requirements:

· Windows 95
· Direct X 5.0 and DXMEDIA installed
· Pentium 120 processor or greater
· 16MB of Ram
· Fast 1MB SVGA Card
· 60 MB of Hard Drive space
· Soundcard is recommended
· Mouse

NOTE: we havereduced the quality of the demo briefing sound files to decrease the size of the demo. The final game will have crisp, stereo sound.


Welcome to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. A real time tactical wargame that features intense combat spiced with formidable mission puzzles.

Did you ever imagine yourself in classic war movies such as "Where Eagle Dare", "Dirty Dozen", "ForceTen From Navarrone", etc. Well, now you really can venture behind enemy lines. As commander of an elite group of Commandos in WWII, you can relive history by completing some of the most hair-raising missions of the war. You are outgunned and outmanned, but not outclassed.

Each mission starts with a briefing that outlines your goals. There are several secondary objectives that must becompleted in order to complete the overall mission. Save often and plan your moves carefully. There are many paths to solving your goals. The main objective is NOT to lose any Commandos. They are indispensable. Each Commando has unique combat abilities that others cannot match.

The German units outnumber and out gun your boys. If you attempt to fight them head on, you will quickly lose yourteam. Instead, try to watch their patrol paths, and then take them out in a stealthy/ambush manner. German soldiers have realistic AI. They can hear and see your men. They can see footprints and dead bodies. They also have unique dispositions. Some will merely ask you to halt, while others will execute you on sight.

Commandos can operate many items/objects – you will see the cursor change toa hand pulling a lever when this action is possible. Your men have two main weapons: Gun and Knife. The knife is silent and will not attract attention (just make sure Tiny or Spooky moves the body!). The gun is quick and has a longer range. It is best used in ambush. However it will attract attention. Listen carefully to your mission briefing and plot your attack.

Green BeretSpy






F1-F10 = Activate additional Cameras (select camera window with mouse pointer – then click on camera icon –
then select commando to assign that window
Num Keypad "-" = zoom out map
Num Keypad "+" = zoom in map
Num Keypad "*" = return map to normal viewArrow Keys or Mouse Pointer = map scroll
In-Game Map – click of notepad to activate, RED is enemy, BLUE is friendly, left click anywhere on map to view area

Commandos – Facing is active/Red bar = health meter Commando is standing Camera lock Enemy LOS

NOTE: LOS is Line of Sight (what the Soldier can see) Light Color represents aCommando that can be spotted in any position. Dark Color means represents a Commando cannot be spotted if he is crawling. Click on eye THEN on the German soldier you want to check out.


Group selection – Right Click on map and drag box over commandos
Single Commando selection – Left Click on Commando Icon OR Click on Commando in the game

1-6 - select commandos
P = Pause...
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