Volcan papacaya en guatemala

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Pacaya Volcano Eruption
Guatemala, May 27 (NBG) .- After the 19 hours, began a continuous period of volcanic activity at Pacaya which began releasing lava, ash in large quantities and even smallrocks, the people close to colossus which at first refused to evacuate, and began to leave the place before the exits are blocked, according to the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad).Several residents of the capital municipalities near the volcano, including Amatitlán, Villa San Miguel Canales and Petapa, among others, reported being affected by increased volcanic activity,including the throwing of stones of regular size.
Faced with the danger, the villagers El Rodeo and El Patrocinio began to evacuate 20 wounded and 1,600 vehicles in the area supported by the NationalCivil Police, the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad), fire volunteers and municipal and private vehicles.
Hundreds of vehicles were filled with sand

Hannibal Reporter news Archilaof T13 is missing and other social communicators of other social media.
Workers at several companies in radio and radio center located at the top of the colossus, was destroyed and the boothsaround the place disappeared before the fury of the volcano Pacaya.
"I saw running to Anibal who climbed into a radio booth where a huge rock fell and everything was destroyed. He was shooting just 50meters from the river of lava, Raul Chona story the cameraman.
"I do not know what happened my partner is gone.'s Teammates Noti 7, tried to rescue me," exclaimed Chona.
"Conrad's staff andfirefighters are not going to get there, several people injured," the reporter.
"The moment I lived not wish it on anyone. God is great and he rescued me," he said.
According to Conrad, in themunicipality of San Vicente Pacaya encuentrasn available seven centers or classrooms that could be enabled as shelters at the time that the authorities deem it necessary.
Municipal Firefighters La Antigua...
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