Volcano outline

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Volcanoes, get their name from the Greek word Vulcano, are know as one of the most dangerous natural phenomenon on this planet for many aspects. They can be erupted in any moment. Alsothey can create other natural and dangerous events. In many countries around the world volcanoes have caused big damages to the environment and the human beings.

In many places around the world haveexisted volcanoes that during centuries have been sleeping, but suddenly when nobody expect they awaked creating expectation and fear in people. An example about a volcan who suddenly erupted was inChile,the volcano called Chaiten awake after centuries . In Islandia the Eyjafjallajokull is the latest volcano which suddenly after years, is giving out volcanic gases, causing big problems in thisisland and Europe because of the big mushroom of fume that covered the sky and difficulting the visibility. Another remembered is the Vesubio Volcan, in the 97 year, in the city of Pompeya inItaly, when nobody expected it, this volcano awake, and was so violent and destructive.

Volcanoes cause fear and danger in the people, but also can create other dangerous events in the environment,they can create big fires in the cities and forests because of magma, they can eliminate whole forests, and cause big and irreparable damages in the fauna and flora in the place . Also they cancreate floods because of bursts in the rivers walls, causing big conectivity problems for people around, getting worse the evacuation planes and putting in danger the population. Another problems are thefumes and ashes that volcanoes give out, it create acid rains in the land and cause serious problems in the environment around the place, and in people health.

Many cities around the world havebeen destroyed because of volcanic eruptions. Iin many different countries volcanoes have leaved its trace. The town called Chaiten in Chile suffered a lot of damages because of its volcano called...
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