Voodoo island

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  • Publicado : 11 de febrero de 2012
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James Conway is a busy man, he is in one aeroplane, he talk with the woman sitting next to him, she is a doctor, and her name is Karen, Conway have a buildingcompany, it’s called Conway Construction, and they talk the whole trip over voodoo. Karen doesn’t like Conway, she writes voodoo’s book, she goes to the bathroom,Conway read the book, there was a picture on the page which showed a black man, and his name is Baron Samedy, a few minutes later, Karen came back. Kee was sitting bythe windows in the front room, he is a houngan.
After nine months in Haiti, Conway was a happy man. There were already hundred of new houses, and the peopleknow the name Conway Construction, he wants build in graveyard. Karen went to the Kee’s house, they talk about voodoo and their jobs, later they went to thegraveyards, Kee showed her the stone on his grandfather’s grave, and his name was Tim Atty. Some people says he call Baron Samedy. Later Karen went to the hospital. Kee sawtwo men, they says to Kee that we are building some shop. Kee want talk with Conway. The next morning Kee talks with Conway. They talk over graveyard, Conway saysKee that doesn’t building in the graveyard. Kee go home. Conway calls people and says ‘build the shops in the graveyard’. For many weeks Kee didn’t go back to thegraveyard, but one afternoon Kee went back to the graveyard again and he saw the lot of men, are the Conway building. Kee was very angry. At the night he summons thespirits. Conway had nightmares, and he was madman. One day Karen visit Kee, she need that Kee help she, they went to the hospital, she showed the men, is Conway.
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