Votos de castidad (eng)

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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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In some religions priests choose live celibacy. Most people think this is correct. In the other hand some people think it is not. What is your opinion?CELIBACY
By Rómulo Sánchez
Celibacy in other words means renouncing to married and everything that have relation with sexual habits , thepractice of celibacy starts in 1139 A.C when Pope Innocent II voided all marriages of priests. The celibacy is practiced by Roman Catholic priests and Easternand Oriental Orthodox bishops and Eastern Catholic bishops and it is also practiced by Anglo-Catholic priests.
But in these days we had heard aboutproblems with priests that they had had relations and affairs ignoring his vows of celibacy.
Married and relationship with a couple is something common inall parts of the world everybody needs to be love. Love is something to share with a person that you think is important for you. When a priest made hisvow of celibacy he is renouncing to everything that have relation with this. He is accepting to live like Jesus of Nazareth and serving god and thereligion.
Few days ago the priest Alberto Cutie made a declaration that he is having a relation with a girl and breaking his vow of celibacy. This declarationmade a scandal in the Catholic Church.
In my opinion the action of celibacy should be avoided and the Catholic Church should make a new ecumenicalcouncil to talk about the actions that could be taken in order to make new rules for the priests. The important is have someone to professes the word of god.
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