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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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October 15th, 2011

“There is no excuse not to succeed”
Antonio M. Perez

My caseis like kodak company, after many years of being in the same and not progress, as recovering thanks to the vision of his corporate boss.

Kodak is trying desperately to reinvent but for some reasoncouldn't, after arriving in charge Antonio M. Perez everything changes, at first none of the employees had faith and didn't have the slightest hope that the company grew, but after Antonio began todetect the mistakes of the company and he decided to take new technology into a completely different way.
He has instilled a new discipline at the company that is speeding product development. Noweverything changed, their vision was not to remain as he was, if not that, change that model and bring it to something newer, more technologically advanced and so stand out from the competition. He had tomake hard decisions as cutting budgets and laying off staff. This is very difficult because as a manager to take these kind of decision’s makes you think only in the company, many managers can notstop thinking about each employee, as the company needs to get as fast as possible. After rummaging around Kodak's labs, Perez believes he has found a breakthrough technology that will change business.He began to investigate what was missing from the company and that new ideas could work for the company to start selling quality products and so make it work. The manager has helped change how Kodakoperates to ensure the company doesn't make the same mistake again. Antonio already knew what I had to do, he thought, what the market needs today? and I can give them. Companies have to have this kindof questions when they want to modifying a product or sell it, because if they don't think about the market they want to cover, it will be impossible to cover all markets.
He has sharpened the...
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