War in afghanistan

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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War in Afghanistan
A war between the Taliban and Al Qaida with the U.S.A and NATO had been taking place in Afghanistan since October 2010. In fact the attack to the twin towers was like thebegging of all this.
All this problems are all linked to the past when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghan because the U.S.A send troops to aid them; but this troops not only fought there,they also teach the Taliban how to fight and take advantage of their terrain.
When the Soviet Union occupation and, the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed wanted and extreme version of the IslamicLaw; were women couldn’t work neither go to school. Men had to be very religious and they have to grow themselves beards. By 2001 they ordered to destroy all non-Islamic idols in the areas theyhave under control, and they achieved all by having the support of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida, his organization.
After the attempt to the twin towers the NATO forces allied with the NorthernAlliances to overthrown the Taliban and Al-Qaida to restore the peace in Afghan and free all the people from Taliban control.
More troops from the Allied entered to the war and used very goodstrategic moves; they accomplish to retread the Taliban and Al-Qaida to the border regions.
The Taliban only focused on surviving until 2005 where they started increasing the number of attacks andmilitary forces; since that year they had been having more effective strikes and making more strategic moves, causing a lot of impact.
Recently the new President Obama has decided to send moretroops to reach stability and pace in Afghanistan territory, despite of his election pledge to withdraw troops.
And other countries from NATO have stopped their aids and stared withdrawing theirtroops do to the increasing of casualties caused by the Taliban troops; their suicide bombs and strategic moves.