War in irak

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Lis Diaz LAO 3201
The war in Iraq
A little more than 6 years ago the world was normal, I mean, every person intheir country was doing their daily labor, in one moment Iraq was invaded by North American armed forces and some allies. Due to this the world gave a turn of 360 degrees since this war has affectedto every country in one or in another way. Now, according to Stiglitz and Bilmes (2008), this war is considerate the second most expensive war of the world and not only it, if not that it has destroyedeverything what has touched without importing those who are affected. This war has left an evil flavor of mouth to everyone that is conscious of it existence. Therefore, the war in Iraq must beeliminated as soon as possible.
Every day, in this war 500 people die more innocent than culprits. According to the American University Johns Hopkins (2006) and Alaa (2007), in average 654.965 people havedied, of which 260,000 are children. They have died for the different effects of the war, this without counting those that have been hurt or dismembered there are another thousands of children, thatundoubtedly, do not know what is happening or why. Also there are estimates that could be more than 15,000 American dead soldiers in battle, without including those with serious physical injuries orthose who have been deserted. These numbers include the American soldiers and the Iraqis that practiced suicide, and those who died of hunger, due to having lost their homes.
The war in Iraq helps tothe American nation. This one is one of the reasons that some people give to defend this war. That U.S.A. assures that other nations won’t try to attack them again. Therefore, this way supports thesafety of the country. Nevertheless, USA is just one nation with some allies, but if Iraq wants to search allies, using oil as a magnet, a great army might form and invade USA, for revenge. The only...
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