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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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Enrique Martínez, Osvaldo Espinosa, Miguel Pecina
Paula Rodríguez Jaime
Scientific and Technological Research
18 January 2012
Teachers Gender, a Factor that could get the Student’s Attention
The men always have been taken as messier, more irresponsible, more distracted than women. There are many examples that describe why their behavior is different, but this research isgoing to have an emphasis in men behavior during a school class and if it could vary if the teacher is a man or a woman. Nowadays the stereotype of a gorgeous woman is a factor that influence too much in the men population, (this generally begins during the high-school or college). This factor could generate differences in the attention that a man student puts on class; also this attention could varyif the class is given by a gorgeous woman teacher, an old woman teacher or a man teacher.
Throughout the years the types of teaching had been changing and within this is the student behavior during a class. It is obvious that the teacher influences how the students are going totake the class, but is the teacher’s gender a factor that could vary the attention that the students put in class?, is interesting to know if a man student will put more attention to a young woman teacher than to an old woman teacher or if he will be more interested to a class given by man teacher. There are many variables but the objective in this research is to make an emphasis in these threetypes of teachers, old woman teacher, young woman teacher and man teacher. Also this research is going to be considering the different styles of teaching, because even if the teacher is an old woman, if its teaching style is good she will be able to gather the attention of the students, even of the most distracted (that are mostly men). Therefore this research is about the variables that could inferin the attention that a student put in class, specifically in the type and gender of teacher that is giving the class.
Theoretical Framework
Human gender throughout the years has been taken in many different ways, but always have been very notable the difference that have men and women. Scientifically the term gender refers to the expectations of a cultural nature with respect to the roles andbehavior of men and women. The term distinguishes aspects attributed to men and women from a social point of view of the certain biologically, but for many years the men distinguishes women as an inferior race. Difference of biological sex, gender roles, behavior and relations between women and men (gender relations) can change over time, even if certain aspects of these roles are derived frombiological differences between the sexes. Another term that it is needed to be define is attention, because is an elemental part of the project. Attention is a term with various meanings, and that it can be used in different areas. For psychology, attention is a quality ofperception that functions as a kind of filter of the environmental stimuli, evaluating what are the most relevant and giving priority to a more in-depth processing.
On the other hand, attention is also understood as the mechanism that controls and regulates the cognitive processes. There are times that even act unconsciously.
Psychologists establish two types of determinants of attention:determining internal (those that are specific to the individual and that depend on it) and determining external (from the middle).
Types of teaching
There are several types of teaching; of course it depends in the teacher to select which kind of method he or she will use. It depends in the skills or knowledge the teacher wants to transmit or to convey to their students. The most common methods that a...
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