Water-based drilling fluid systems

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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Water-based Drilling Fluid Systems

Highly Inhibitive Water-based Mud System Results in Zero Liquid Mud Haul Off and Saves Operator Approximately $750,000
Location: Barnett Shale OPERATOR’SCHALLENGE
A major operator in the Barnett Shale was looking to drill extremely challenging wells while controlling costs. One major area targeted for cost reduction was ancillary costs associated withdrilling fluid transportation and disposal. The operator’s goal was to decrease liquid mud haul off to zero. To achieve this goal, the operator had tried waterbased systems in the past; however, thesystems had resulted in issues with torque and drag, high levels of dilution, elevated friction factors and low gravity solids (LGS). The superior inhibition was critical in this particular instance as itresulted in increased wellbore stability, reduced torque and drag, reduced dilution, reduced low gravity solids (LGS) and reduced friction factors – results that other water-based mud systems havebeen unable to provide in the challenging shale gas environments. Not only did the provision of these benefits result in increased drilling efficiencies, but they were also critical to ensure thecustomer could achieve their objective of zero liquid mud haul off. An additional benefit resulting from the use of the SHALEDRIL system was the fact that the operator was able to recycle 100% of thedrilling fluid for use on subsequent wells.

The success of Baroid’s newly released SHALEDRIL™ water-based mud, a system providing superior inhibition when compared with otherwater-based drilling systems, in the Fayetteville prompted the operator to try the system in the Barnett. To further enhance the inhibition provided from the base system, Baroid personnel conductedformation testing and then further customized the fluid for superior performance at the well site.

Use of the SHALEDRIL system resulted in the ability to run casing with no...