Water pollution

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“Water pollution”

Water is a natural element essential to the development of life and human activities is difficult to imagine any kind of activity that is not used, in one form or another.
Onour planet covers 75% of its surface, but not all water is fit fit for human use. 97.5% is salt water, 2.5% is fresh water resulting distributed in lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs, this ratio isthe minimum we can use more easily.
The water to meet different needs becomes a resource
Water pollution caused by human activities is an important environmental phenomenon, it starts from the firstattempts of industrialization, to become a widespread problem, since the industrial revolution. Water pollution occurs through the direct or indirect channels and aquifers of solid, liquid, gaseous,and heat energy, among others. This contamination is causing damage to living organisms in the aquatic environment and represents.
There are two ways through which water may be contaminated.One is by means of natural contaminants, ie, the natural cycle of water can get in touch with some constituent pollutants discharged into water, atmosphere and crust.
Another way is through thepollution generated by man or man, and are the product of liquid and solid wastes are dumped directly or indirectly in the water.

The main water pollutants.
Modern man has changed the radiantcrystalline color brown blur. Accidentally or on purpose, has dumped millions of tons of dirt. In an attempt to launder their clothes housewives have only managed, fill foam detergent phosphates, for examplesome of the cause they grow algae and other aquatic plants add back swamp lakes bad taste and odor to water.
With its chemical waste and oil spills man has polluted the waters and killed hundreds ofspecies and perhaps some of them develop disproportionately, causing an ecological imbalance.
Water is the livelihood for many species, if their composition is altered then the animal and vegetable...
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