Waterborne diseases

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  • Publicado : 30 de diciembre de 2010
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Delegate: Eduardo Rodriguez Santos
Committee: World Health Organization
Country: Egypt
Topic: Neutralizing Waterborne Diseases
School: Instituto SanRoberto San Agustin

Waterborne diseases. What comes to mind after hearing these two words? A whole world of worries and preoccupations? Millions of lives taken around the world? Or a simple type ofcategory for diseases? These sicknesses have been a cause for worry since the early beginnings of mankind due to its fast reproduction and easy spreading. These are known because they have been the doomof various entire civilizations .Some examples of these diseases that spread through water are: Hepatitis, Schistosomiasis, Cholera and even dysentery which usually causes diarrhea. Years ago in atown in England it was observed that there had been several sicknesses and deaths going around. It had not been known what was causing these mysterious and unfortunate incidents. John Snow, a scientistand cartographer, later found out the cause of this problem; Contaminated water. The water was closed so the disease stopped spreading. This is a perfect example of how waterborne diseases can lead tomajor problems and how this can be a silent killer.

Currently the situation of waterborne diseases spreading in Egypt is major. Several guides for travelers even warn the tourists not to drinkwater unless it is surely clean. Hepatitis is a big concern also as it has one of the biggest prevalences in the world in Egypt. Being 9% of the whole population having it 14% of this is fatal. HCV Egyptis an organization that helps prevent the Hepatitis, it focuses in hepatitis C yet they also protect people from Hepatitis A and B which can be water transmitted. In 1973, the Manchester EgyptianMummy Project made a study showing that schistosomiasis is a sickness going around in Egypt since 2290 B.C. It has been proven to be cause of dead of more than 14% of mummies situated in Egypt....