Wather interactions

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“Weather Interactions”

Weather is the result of the combinations of many factors such as latitude, height, humidity, cloudiness, precipitation, among others. The different weathers around theEarth influenced the kind of flora and fauna that will live in each area of the Earth.
Let’s examine one example: the winds. Winds warm-up near the equator this forces them to rise from the troposphereto the stratosphere. Then they move northwards or southwards to the poles. Once these winds reach the poles they cool down and lower again. This process gives a general pattern to winds, which can betranslated to hurricanes and cold fronts. Hurricanes form near the equator and move northwards, the regions near the equator are place that will typically have way more rain than places above thetropics. On the other hand, cold fronts move from the pole to the equator, leaving snow and other sources of water mostly above the tropics. These areas developed different kinds of life with more securesources of fresh water.
Do you think this is important? See how having freshwater resources like ice on mountain tops that melts all year is better than having seasonal rains during the summer andno secure water sources during the year can help or stop growth in human populations. In human history regions that have more of seasonal rains like India, China, Mexico and Egypt had majorcivilizations near rivers but scarce populations elsewhere. On the contrary northern Europe, the United States and Canada were freshwater was more at hand, we see more population diversity, growth and laterwider wealth.
Water availability, temperature, and human presence are major factors that have shaped flora, fauna and the ground around the world.
In the Köppen climate classification we have themajor climates and their characteristics.
1) Complete the following chart…
Warm-humid | Constant high temperatures | Near the Equator...
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