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  • Publicado : 4 de octubre de 2010
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Schindler's List

“The man has to set an end to the war. If not, the war set an end to mankind”

John Fitzgerald

The story begins when Oskar Schindler Gains access to a restaurant becausehe bribed the waiter at the door with money to let him enter. After Schindler, watching a top Nazi with his wife and a subordinate at a table, the waiter tells you to send them a bottle of hishand, and that is how the subordinate arrives and is invited by Schindler to stay, then there is the top Nazi with his wife and, minutes later, Schindler has the whole restaurant in a single tableat the invitation of him.

Above after Schindler visit the Judenrat, the Jewish Council of Krakow, in search of Itzhak Stern accountant who provides accounting work of your company, asking himto contact major Jewish businessmen in order to buy a manufacturing company enamelled metal was bankrupt. Schindler gets help taking a Stern as his accountant officer, and then ensures that itwill recruit labor.

Stern then usually seek those who are not considered "essential workers" and are deported. Stern emphasized that the only thing they should say is that they have experiencein handling metals and speak for them. Those who are declared "essential workers" receive a blue card, the Blauschein, with which will go into the hands of Schindler. Just as soon as theselection of employees the trouble began, as the death of some workers such as the man without the arm, a very sad scene, as well as nearly took to the concentration camps in his accountant Spite ofSchindler managed to fix it.

So that little by little began buying Goeth Jews, that in forty days furthemore shut the Plaszow camp, moving to the Jews. Having briefcases full of money consideredit further and made the decision, ordering Itzhak Stern write a list of names one hundred thousand Jews in that field but lost his fortune. No rescue pregnant and not many people hesitate to do so.
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