Ways of looking-vocabulary

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Ways of Looking

What´s the difference between...

 ...look, see and watch? (COMMON USE)

1. Look: when you look at something you do it for a reason, with an intention.

‘Look at thatstrange man.’
‘Look at the pictures I took on holiday.’

2. See: to ‘see’ something means that what is seen comes into your sight, you weren’t looking for. So there is no clear intention.

‘Did you seethat bird?’
‘I saw you driving to work today.’

3. Watch: it implies looking at something carefully, usually at something which is moving.

‘Watch TV’ (the TV doesn’t move, but you watch themoving images carefully)
‘Watch here you are going! You almost stepped on my foot!’

Observe: to watch carefully.
Behold: old use of the verb to see.
View: (technical) look thouroughly;regard, consider.
Sight: see for the first time.

 ...stare and glare? (FIXED LOOK)

1. Stare: to look for a long time with eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened, curious orthinking.

2. Glare: to look directly and continuously at someone or something in an angry or fierce way.

Gawp: stare impolitely.

 ...glimpse and glance? (QUICK LOOK)

1. Glimpse: totake a brief look unintentionally. When you catch a glimpse of something, you catch a quick sight of it. You may or may not see it completely. It is the object which appears before our eyes.

2.Glance: to take a brief look intentionally. When you glance at something, you look at it very quickly and then look away. It is the eyes which go to the object.

Goggle: to look with eyes wideopen in surprise or shock (old-fashioned).

 ...gaze and gape? (FIXED LOOK, IN ADMIRATION)

1. Gaze: to look at something for a long time, in surprise or admiration.

2. Gape: to look atsomething for a long time, in surprise or admiration, but usually with one's mouth open.

 ...peep, peek and peer? (SECRETLY)

1. Peep: to secretly and cautiously look at something for a long time,...
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