• We're going to talk about holy week and the typical food of the day.

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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2011
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• We're going to talk about Holy Week and the typical food of the day.

Myriam: Hi, Diana. How are you?

Diana: Hello Miriam. I’m not so good

Myriam: WhyDiana?

Diana: Because I'm tired and concerned about the preparations for the "Holy Week" I don’t know what to do.

Myriam: Really? I'll cook Fanesca soup in myhouse with my family.

Diana: Nice. I know how to prepare Fanesca, but I want to know what are the ingredients.

Myriam: I usually cook Fanesca soup with thefollowing ingredients: Salt cod, butter, onions, garlic, oregano, pepper, rice, corn, cabbage, beans, potatoes, peanuts, milk, light cream, white cheese and eggs.Diana: The way that I prepared Fanesca is the following: Salt cod must be soaked for at least 12 hours. Cook the fish for 15 minutes after that remove thefish, bur retain the water and remove any skin and bones from the fish. Before that heat the butter and mixed with onion and garlic. Add one cup of water and bring itto a boil, after that add the remaining ingredients except cheese and eggs. Don’t forget to add fish and fish water. Cook for 5 minutes and add milk if it’snecessary. Add cheese and the soup is ready. Finally add eggs on the top of the soup.

Myriam: I’m already tasting it

Diana: Me too

Myriam: What else you’ll doon the Holy Week?

Diana: I’ll go to see the procession on saturday afternoon. And you?

Myriam: I’ll go the church on sunday morning to listen the resurrectionceremony, and celebrate Easter holiday.

Diana: I really like this holiday.

Myriam: Me too, it’s a really important date for many people in the world
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