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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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Autonomous Learning Project
E.G 1:
-Activities in the day Activity: Analyzing conversationsSkills: Listening for specific information
Level: Basic-The teacher has an audio in which there are 6 conversations.
-The teacher plays the audio and the students listen in silence.
-After they listen to the audio, theyare given 6 statements.
-They have to check each statement true or false.
-When finished to check the statements students discuss their answers in pairs.
E.G 2:-Life in my family Activity: Live listening
Skills:Listening for specific information
Level: Basic
-The teacher will read a text.-Students have the text in a paper and they have some word to complete.
-They listen to the teacher 2 times and they try to fill the missing words.
-They compare theiranswers in pairs.
E.G 3:
-Fruit salad Activity: Live listeningSkills: Listening for detailed information
Level: Intermediate
-Each studentreceives a paper in which they have to put the ingredients and preparation of a fruit salad.
-The teacher says the ingredients and preparation 2 times and the students listen...
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