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Nutritionist Guide

Patient: Georgina Smith Age: 17

Breakfast: A glass of skimmilk, a bowl of yogurt, six biscuits of water.
Lunch: 2 cups of lettuce, 1 Piece of meat or chicken the size of the palm of your hand and 1 cup of watermelon.
Tea: aglass of skim milk and a cup of cereal.
Dinner: A portion of meat and a portion of vegetables.

Breakfast: A glass of skim milk, a bowl of yogurt and acup of cereal.
Lunch: ½ jar of tuna and 1 fruit. (orange, apple, etc)
Tea: a glass of skim milk and a cup of cereal.
Dinner: 1 portion of chicken and a portion ofvegetables.

Breakfast: a glass of a milkshake with a fruit.
Lunch: a cup of pasta and a portion of chicken
Tea: a fruit.
Dinner: a portion of chickenwith a bowl of rice.

Breakfast: a fruit with a cup of yogurt.
Lunch: 2 cup of rice and a kiwi.
Tea: 2 portions of bread with ham turkey.
Dinner: aportion of meat with potatoes.

Breakfast: ½ portion of French bread with jam dietetic and orange juice.
Lunch: ½ cup of vegetables, a portion of chickengoose, and a dietary jelly.
Tea: a fruit.
Dinner: ham and 2 cups of vegetables.

Breakfast: a cup of skim milk with chocolate-flavored, and 2 toast withdietary jelly.
Lunch: a portion of meat with puree, and a bowl of strawberries.
Tea: 2 toast with orange juice.
Dinner: a portion of vegetables

Breakfast:a bowl of fruits and a bowl of cereal.
Lunch: a portion of chicken with puree.
Tea: 6 chocolate diet cookies with a cup of tea.
Dinner: a portion of vegetables.