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1Dalila Montserrat Cantú Gzz. Gpo. 220

This assignment, regarding the collision theory, will be completed individually. Please read and complete assignments A-C listed below. Someof the links you will visit contain animations that may take some time to load. So, be patient. Please type your response to each question in a word-processing application. Be sure that each responseis in a complete sentence and there is no grammar or spelling errors. Please make sure that all group members’ names are listed at the top of the document before you print a copy for your teacher.
A.Visit: The Collision Theory of Reaction Rates - Read the information describing the collision theory. Answer the questions that follow.
1. It is pretty obvious that if you have asituation involving two reactants they can only react together if they come into contact with each other. They first have to collide, and then they may react. Why "may react"?
R= It isn't enough for the twospecies to collide, they have to collide the right way around, and they have to collide with enough energy for bonds to break (The chances of all this happening if your reaction needed a collisioninvolving more than 2 particles are remote. All three (or more) particles would have to arrive at exactly the same point in space at the same time, with everything lined up exactly right, and havingenough energy to react. That's not likely to happen very often!).
2. What is activation energy?
R=Activation energy is the minimum energy required before a reaction can occur.
B. Visit: CollisionTheory Animation - The animation demonstrates three different collision conditions for the reaction between hydrogen and iodine to produce hydrogen iodide. Use the pull-down menu to run the threedifferent scenarios in the animation. Answer the questions that follow.
1. Does a reaction take place if the energy of the collision is less than the activation energy?
R=If the particles...
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