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Hi everybody!

Welcome to my Website!

My name is Betulia Arnulfina. I am 1.002 years old. I am from the Mars planet. At present, I live inHollywood, Colombia! I am beautiful, intelligent, tall and above all… I am a fashionable girl! I like to listen to rock and vallenato music like JBalvin, Tito Bambino and Chayane. I have 2 boyfriends; their names are Telesforo Piruncio and Esteban Dido!

In my life Ihave done many interesting things. For example: I have studied in 10 different schools because I have always failed the exams. Therefore, I have notread any book in my life. I have traveled to different parts of the world like USAquen, Faca and Melgar. I have had 80 boyfriends and I have writtenmany letters to them. I have not gotten any husband because I prefer to have many rich and silly boyfriends.

I have gone to Cartagena,London! It is a beautiful place.
I have ridden a dog in the park, but I have not brushed my teeth today! Ups… sorry!
I have drunk “Cubios” juice andhave eaten “Yuca” hamburger. It’s delicious!
On the other hand, I have studied and learned English at the Centro Colombo Americano, in Bogota,Argentina! I met a wonderful and famous teacher named Jefferson! He is so famous, indeed! I have met new friends in the classroom. They are Luisa yamile,Estefania Yasuli, Lady Gaga, Santiago Bonaparte and Juanchis del 8. Here there is a picture of my new friends. They are so nice and I love them!
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