Weddings & honeymoons in cusco

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  • Publicado : 26 de diciembre de 2011
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Weddings & Honeymoons in Cusco
The concept of wedding is the same from Cusco to Malaysia (sure, there are exceptions): people gathering around to celebrate the union of two people which are truly,deeply, madly in love. Yet every place has its own manner to celebrate it. I must say Cusco has one of the most interesting ones, our antecessors believed in the earth’s power, this faith hasprevailed along the time, therefore this mystical weddings can still be seen in some villages of Cusco.
For years and years the Incas were married under the major Inca’s approval and this was a legal act.When the Spanish people arrived, people joined different habits, and consequently a Wedding in Cusco is a merge of Catholic and Andean religion. However it does not take the essence of the original one.To celebrate an original wedding here is different from the rest around the world. Here it does not matter what dress or suit you are wearing. It doesn’t matter how big is the place or how manyguests you have invited. It is a matter of believing. Incas believed in the earth (Pachamama), gods in mountains (Apus), and the joint of complementary sides. The union of 2 people reflects herefertility, so when a wedding is performed they ask (besides God of course) to their “Apus” for a life full of fertility of their fields, fertility in their house, and fertility in their family.
The ceremonytakes place in the church of the village (if there is one) or outdoor with a priest or sometimes the major, after comes the usual reception which is the same I think around the world: lots of drinks,food and dance. This kind of weddings can be seen out town, places like Willoq, Tiltinco, Paucartambo (Q’eros) etc.
Now, as far as honeymoon concern, this is a tradition brought by the Spanishpeople. For Andean people the honeymoon didn’t exist, there was the “Servinacuy”. It was a test period where they have to proof they could live together, this was before the wedding. After it they just...
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